Frequently Asked Questions.
Allergen Warnings?
All of our products are processed in a kitchen that handles eggs, wheat, milk, tree nuts, and soybeans.

How do I order for the Christmas Holidays?
The Christmas Holidays are very busy for us. Out of common courtesy for our Local Customer Base we take Limited Orders for December shipping. So place your order early.

How long does our product stay fresh?
Products in Gift Tins or Bulk Packaged items have a shelf life of 7 days. If you plan on keeping the product longer simply freeze it as soon as it arrives. Hungarian Rolls have a shelf life of 7 days or 5 days from the date you receive it in the mail. If you plan on keeping the product longer, simply freeze it as soon as it arrives. Then, just thaw and enjoy!

What is a Kiffle?
A Kiffle is an Eastern European pastry with dough rolled paper thin by hand and filled with assorted fillings.

How long has the Kiffle Kitchen been in business?
The Kiffle Kitchen has been in business since 1986. It started as a home based past time to make extra money while enjoying everyday life with our children. Over the years more and more people heard of our delicious baked goods, and as such we grew into a specialty bakery with emphasis on quality.

How often do you make your product?
All of our products are made fresh per your order. We operate 5-7 days per week yearly.

What type of events are your Baked Goods enjoyed at?
Any event, especially weddings, showers, holiday parties, business meetings, etc.

I'm planning on having a party or wedding, how do I know how many pieces to order?
We suggest 3 to 4 pieces per person with other baked goods ie. cakes, or 4 to 5 pieces per person without other baked goods.

Must I purchase your products as Gift Tins only?
No. We recommend gift tins as a special gift for someone or if you simply want to set the decorative tin out at a party, no fuss. If however it is simply for your enjoyment, a wedding, or large gathering where you need larger quantities, then we suggest you purchase our products in Bulk.

Do I get any type of discount depending on the size of the order?
If you order from our Bulk listing you do receive a discount relative to Gift Tin prices.

How long will it take to receive my order?
We ship within 7 working days of receipt of order.

Can I order my product ahead of time for my parties or weddings?
Yes, you can place an order at any time, just make sure you give us the date you would like to receive them. We recommend you call us 10 to 14 days prior to your event to ensure availability. Your order should arrive one or two days prior to your requested delivery date.

Does your product freeze well?
Yes. All of our products freeze well. Simply wrap the tin or box in saran wrap prior to freezing, then when thawing remove saran wrap, take product out of tin or box, lay on counter for 2 hours to thaw and dust Kiffles with powdered sugar if desired.

Are you registered with the FDA?
Yes, we are fully registered with the FDA.
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